Village BLOCSWhat is a Village BLOC?

A Village BLOC is defined as “a combination of persons, groups, or nations forming a unit with a common interest or purpose.” For our purpose, a Village BLOC is a group of students looking to explore a common interest. The Village BLOC experience at Washington University in St. Louis is designed to provide ways for groups of students to explore their interests.

  • Comprised of 4–24 Washington University in St. Louis students grouped together to live in the Village Residential Community
  • Has a vision, goals, and effectively programs to meet those goals
  • Has a designated Student Village BLOC Agent and Faculty or Staff Village BLOC Mentor

The Village BLOC Vision

The Village BLOCs blend living and learning, action and thought, and encourages involvement. It is designed for upper-class students who share common interests and goals and is an application-based program.  The Village BLOCs are designed to complement in-class learning by providing students with housing options that foster opportunities to support common interests and contribute positively to the Village and Washington University in St. Louis communities. Washington University in St. Louis Faculty and Staff are integrated into each Village BLOC allowing for further connections at the University.

The Village BLOC Participant Expectations

  • Attend Village BLOC Meetings for brainstorming and event planning , a minimum of one per semester
  • Communicate often with Village BLOC Agent and Residential Community Director, respond to messages in a timely manner
  • Actively attend Village BLOC events and be engaged within your Village BLOC and floor community
  • Support your student Village BLOC Agent by assisting in planning events
  • All members will attend Village BLOC training held before classes begin fall semester