The Village Residential Community has kitchens on each floor and laundry on the lower level. The Village Residential Community also has a number of study spaces, a computer lab, and music practice rooms.



  • Dining 
  • Study spaces
  • Computer lab
  • Music practice rooms
  • Community Kitchen (In Lopata House Basement)
  • Classrooms (often used by academic courses)
  • And more…
  • The Village is located near Snow Way Garage and Greenway apartments on campus.



Colors: Baby Blue & Navy

Mascot: Penguin


  • Open Mic Night
    This unique opportunity for students to utilize the Village Black Box in their community, allows students to creatively express their talents through voice, spoken word, or musical instruments in a room full of their peers.
  • Milkshake Night
    Milkshake Night is a late night milkshake treat hosted once a month in Lopata Great Hall.
  • Floor Dinners
    Each semester, floors are invited to have a meal with the Residential Community Director and engage in conversation while enjoying local St. Louis fare.

The Village