About William Greenleaf Eliot Residential College

William Greenleaf Eliot Residential College was establised in 1998. It was named after William Greenleaf Eliot, one of the founders of Washington University in St. Louis. Danforth House, Shepley House, and Wheeler House were all dedicated in 1998. Danforth House was named after Elizabeth “Ibby” Gray Danforth, Shepley House was named after Ethan A. H. Shepley, and Wheeler House was named after Burton Wheeler.



WGE Crest

Colors: Green and Silver

Mascot: Walrus


WGE Waffles
Our signature tradition, WGE Waffles is a late night waffle extravaganza hosted once a month in the Shepley House lobby.

Brunches with the Faculty Fellow
The Faculty Fellow for William Greenleaf Eliot hosts a brunch for students almost every week through the fall and spring semester in their apartment in Danforth House.

WGE on the Water
An annual canoe trip down a nearby river in Missouri hosted by the Residential College Director, Faculty Fellow, and Faculty Associates.

An annual barbeque held in the WGE courtyard during the first few weeks of the fall semester.