About Shandeling, Dauten, and Rutledge Residential College

Beginning in 1958, with assistance from the federal government, the University began the original four-phase development of the South 40. The buildings that currently make up Shanedling/Dauten/Rutledge were originally women’s dormitories built during the second phase of construction along with HIG and Lee/Beaumont Residential Colleges. Shanedling/Dauten/Rutledge was originally called J, K, and L before the buildings were dedicated and named after Donald Shanedling (1973), Carl Dauten (1976), and Thomas G. Rutledge (1965), respectively. Today, our Residential College is affectionately known as The JKL, The JK and L, or just JKL.



JKL Crest

Colors: Teal and Grey

Mascot: Elephant


JKLephant Ears
Once a month the entire residential community gathers to enjoy delicious, freshly-made elephant ears with delicious toppings!

Alphabet Bowl
Alphabet Bowl is an annual flag football game between Hitzeman, Hurd, and Myers Residential College and Shanedling, Dauten, and Rutledge Residential College.  This annual event takes place on the Swamp and involves members from both communities.

Karaoke and Fondue
This all community event involves residents showing all that they have during a night of karaoke and fondue.

Brinner with Faculty Associates
Join the Shanedling, Dauten, and Rutledge Residential College Faculty Associates and Resident Advisors for a dinner for of breakfast foods.  This dinner gives residents an opportunity to mingle with faculty members in an informal setting.

JK & L S’mores
When the weather is just right, the Shanedling, Dauten, and Rutledge Residential College gather on their patio for a night of s’mores.  Residents meet new friends and converse over making a delicious treat full of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.

About our namesakes

Carl Dauten earned his AB, MA and PhD from Washington University. He served as professor of finance and banking in the Washington University School of Business and Public Administration. His administrative services at Washington University included vice chancellor for administration, vice chancellor and associate provost, and executive vice chancellor. Outside of the university he served as chairman of the Board of Directors of Concordia Publishing House, was the associate editor of the Journal of Finance and wrote several books, some of which served as texts for college business courses. He was also a member of several honorary societies.

Thomas G. Rutledge was born in October of 1917 and earned his BA from Yale University in 1940. For the following two years, he worked in the sales, advertising and production department of Anheuser-Busch, Inc. During World War II, he served as a carrier-based aircraft pilot for the U.S. Navy, and enrolled in the Washington University Law School upon leaving the Navy. He earned his LLB in 1948 and joined the law firm of Lashly, Lashly and Miller.

In 1952, he began work for McDonnell Aircraft Corporation and was vice president of the Board of Directors by 1959. In 1962, after a series of promotions, he became vice president and general counsel. A year later he died in an automobile accident while driving to work. He was a member of the Missouri Historical Society, the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce, the St. Louis Bar Association, American Bar Association and the Washington University Planning and Development Council.

Following Rutledge’s death, James S. McDonnell, Chairman of the Board of the McDonnell Aircraft Corporation and President of the Board of Directors of Washington University, donated one million dollars, part of which was in honor of his business associate, Thomas Rutledge.

In appreciation for the generous financial support of Mrs. Arthur Groman, the building was named in honor of her late husband, Donald Shanedling.