About Park and Mudd Residential College

Park and Mudd Residential College was established in 1989. Park House was dedicated in 1991 and named after Helen Ette Park. Mudd House is named after the Seeley Greenleaf Mudd Foundation.



Park Mudd Crest

Colors: Red and Black

Mascot: Pirate


Pirate Week
A week long programming opportunity during the first few weeks of the spring semester for the residents to connect over food, fellowship, and educational opportunities.

Dinner Derby
A tradition that dates back to 2003 where food from local businesses are brought to the residential college. Tickets are sold to the dinner and all proceeds go to a charity.

Park Mudd “Mudd Pies”
Monthly “Mudd Pie” event where students create their own dirt cakes and participate in education around identity, service, wellness and more.

Pirates take the Mississippi
One of the first events of the spring semester where residents join together on a steamboat tour of the Mississippi river. Students have the opportunity to take great photos of the St. Louis Arch and learn to use the MetroLink.

Tree Planting
Each year residents plant a tree on campus to bring awareness to being sustainable, and to commemorate a great year in the residential college.