LeeBeau Cleaning

Housekeeping is responsible for removing bathroom trash but you are responsible for disposing of your bedroom trash.  For your convenience, a trash/recycling room is located in the middle of each hallway on every floor.  Trash/recycling from this room is picked up daily.

Listed below are the minimum items you should expect to be cleaned on your cleaning day(s).

Please tell us if we miss anything!

·       Paper products replenished, dispensers cleaned. Monday – Friday
·       Sinks, toilets, mirrors, door handles, light switches. Monday – Friday
·       Walls and doors spot cleaned. Monday – Friday
·       Bath tub disinfected, hair and debris removed from drains, chrome polished. Monday – Friday
·       Bath tub and walls deep-cleaned of soap film residue. Monday – Friday
·       Vents, ledges, and lights cleaned/dusted. Monday – Friday
·       Shower curtain changed (washed) Monthly


Housekeeping Request


 Anytime you believe the housekeeping services are not being completed to the expectations above, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.