About Hitzeman, Hurd, and Myers Residential College

Hitzeman Hall, Hurd Hall, and Myers Hall were constructed in 1961 as buildings G, H, and I.  The buildings were later dedicated in 1990 and named after Herbert F. Hitzeman, Frank E. Hurd, and Chester Myers to create Hitzeman, Hurd, and Myers Residential College.



HIG Crest

Colors: Orange and Russet Brown

Mascot: Dragon


This ‘fest’ is a week-long series of welcome back events for the resident of Hitzeman, Hurd, and Myers Residential College.  These events range from individual building events to larger community events and it often incorporates other traditions such as HIGriddle.

Once a month the community gets together in community common spaces to cook on a griddle.  The great thing about HIGriddle is that the food is always different, one month it will be grilled cheeses and the next it will be pancakes.

Neighbor Labor Day Progressive
Several suites in each building host some type of progressive meal or snack over the Labor Day weekend.  This helps people to get to know who is around them and in their community in a fun and exciting way and is also often incorporated into HIGfest and repeated throughout the academic year.

Alphabet Bowl
Alphabet Bowl is an annual flag football game between Hitzeman, Hurd, and Myers Residential College and Shanedling, Dauten, and Rutledge Residential College.  This annual event takes place on the Swamp and involves members from both communities.

This celebration marks the end of the year while celebrating all of the accomplishments of the community.  Taking place on the lawn and patio outside of the community, this fun event involves everything from a bbq to lawn games and more.