About the Apartments South

The Apartments South is compromised of on- and off-campus apartments south of Washington Avenue, hence the name “Apartments South”.



Apartments South Crest

Colors: Lime Green and Black

Mascot: Sea Turtle


Millbrook BBQ
The Millbrook BBQ is a program held within a the first few weeks of the fall semester. The program consists of BBQ from a local BBQ restaurant, snacks, and an afternoon of swimming at the Millbrook Pool. The Millbrook BBQ is a great way to welcome North Side Students back and start the new school year off with some fun.

Senior Bucket list Programming
This programming series is designed to help North Side residents check off those St. Louis must-do’s before they graduate and leave the city. The programs vary from year to year, but have consisted of Cardinals tickets, trips to the Fox Theatre, various “St. Louis foods” and many other St. Louis specific traditions that students may want to check off their St. Louis bucket list.

Resumes and Donuts
These events, planned by each individual building community, allow students to meet with a career peer for suggestions and feedback on resumes and cover letters for internships and interviews while enjoying local donut vendor.

Smoothies and Wellness
Students engage in conversation around health and wellness while enjoying homemade smoothies with all-natural ingredients.