Space Reservations Policies and Procedures

Residential Life Space Reservation Policies and Procedures

1. Guidelines for Reserving Space
    • The person, group, or department requesting the space must be a student, staff, faculty or administrative member of Washington University.
    • With regards to students, only Student Union, and Residential Life student groups are permitted to reserve space.
    • With regards to staff and faculty, each reservation may only be approved if the staff/faculty member is sponsoring an activity/program that directly relates to their role at this University.
    • The activity/program must be planned primarily for the Washington University community and must be consistent with the independent nonpartisan, nondenominational status of Washington University.
    • The activity/program must contribute to the academic, cultural, and/or social experiences for the residential community and must not conflict with any federal, state, local, or university regulations.
    • The person/group/department reserving the space is responsible for the condition of the room/space and the behavior of their guests.
    • Any additional clean-up required beyond routine cleaning services following the event will be billed to the person/group/department. A minimum of $50 will be charged for clean-up.
    • Applicable quiet hours in each residence hall and South Forty space must be respected.
    • All request should be submitted at least five days prior to the event. Reservations submitted on Friday will not be considered until the following week.
    • Submitting a request does not guarantee an automatic approval.
    • Changes and cancellations need to be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the event. Changes are subject to approval and based on availability and should not be considered approved until confirmation is given. To submit a cancellation request, contact:
2. Parties
    • All private parties must be registered in advance by submitting a Residential Life Private Party Registration Form or privileges will be revoked. A private party is a scheduled social gathering that occurs in a private suite/apartment on-campus. A private party in a Suite Common Room must not consist of more than 25 people.
    • Parties outside of private suite/apartment areas on campus are permitted. Whenever forty (40) or more people are expected, a public space must be used and a Residential Life Space must be requested.

3. Alcohol

The Washington University Drug and Alcohol Policy stated in “Bearings” is in effect for all spaces reserved through the Office of Residential Life. The following terms and conditions apply. However, if a group chooses to serve alcohol at their event, they must be familiar with and abide by all the policies and procedures listed in “Bearings.”

    • Carding for Washington University identification and legal age must occur at all events. Persons not having identification showing that they are of legal age shall not be served alcoholic beverages.
    • Only one drink may be served at a time.
    • Non-alcoholic beverages must be easily accessible and attractive.
    • Non-salty foods must be plentiful and available.
    • Alcohol may not be the focus of the event.
    • Alcohol is NOT to be served to persons who appear to be intoxicated.
    • Any serving of hard alcohol at “open” parties or events is prohibited.
    • No kegs are permitted anywhere in spaces managed by the Office of Residential Life. These spaces include the South 40, the Millbrook Apartments, The Village (Village and Lopata Houses), and House 6.
    • Everclear or grain alcohol punches are prohibited.
    • Progressive alcohol parties (i.e. room to room, floor to floor, etc.) are prohibited.
    • Open containers or bottles of alcoholic beverages are prohibited on campus, except at registered parties.
    • At least two security persons, one of whom shall monitor compliance with this policy, are to be present at all events at which alcohol is available. The cost of security is to be paid by the sponsoring organization or individual. Students must contact “B & D Security” at (314) 878-2424 and talk with Bob Woolsey.
    • For all closed events, an alphabetized, typed, guest list must be submitted to the Office of Residential Life at least 24 hours before the event or by 5 p.m. on the Friday before the event.
    • The number of guests invited may exceed three times the number of members in the sponsoring organization.
    • The names of at least two responsible contact persons who will be in attendance throughout the event are to be specified on the event registration form.
    • Alcohol is not to be mentioned in advertisements, directly, or indirectly.

4. South 40 Main Spaces Available


In Reserve-A-Space, look for ‘S40 RLC Tables’Table space in South 40 House is available to recognized student groups and departments for the purpose of self-promotion, and/or fundraisers to benefit the group or its sponsored charity. Only one table can be reserved per group. Reservations may not exceed two hours per day within a week (Sun.-Sat.). Groups may not bring their own table. The name of the group needs to be clearly posted at the table. Tables may NOT be relocated  under any circumstance! Students may only use the ResLife tables indicated with green postings.

A table can be checked through the through the RA Duty Office. The RA Duty Office is open Monday through Friday from 5 to midnight. On Saturday and Sunday the hours are from 1:30 p.m. to midnight.

Any violation of these procedures will result in a loss of privileges. Tables can be obtained on a walk-up basis, if the table is not already reserved.

Food cannot be served or distributed during tabling on the S40, unless approval is given through the Residential Life Office or Dining Services. Requests to serve or distribute food during tabling on the S40 must be submitted at least 3 business days prior to reservation.


The Swamp on the South 40 is a reservable space that may be reserved through the Office of Residential Life. Since the Swamp is a highly visible common green space centrally located on the South 40, many students choose to use this space for unscheduled events without reserving it first, which is allowable. However, groups should plan on reserving the space prior to any pre-scheduled event.

The following specific guidelines apply to the Swamp:

    • Activities that directly damage the surface of the swamp, are prohibited.
    • No events involving amplified sound will be permitted after 5:00 pm Sunday through Thursday. Groups may be granted special permission in select cases only. The city of Clayton noise ordinance only permits amplified sound until 10:00 pm on any nights.
    • Please contact ResLife if outdoor sound amplification will be needed .
    • Events which involve building a free-standing structure on the Swamp, will be allowed only with special permission.

Failure to abide by the following policies will result in the cancellation of all future group reservation privileges and a minimum $100 fine.

The following services are available to groups using the Swamp.

    • There is an electrical outlet on the Southwest corner of the Swamp which may be used as a power source. Groups must notify the Office of Residential Life if electrical services will be requested.
    • Groups should contact WU Facilities at 935-4533 directly to arrange to have electrical service activated, or trash or recycling containers placed throughout the Swamp. The group will then be responsible for any fees associated.
    • There are fixed BBQ grills located on the North side of the Swamp in between Beaumont and Rubelmann Halls.

Food Distribution Policy:

Groups may only distribute food if approved by the Office of Residential Life. Only room temperature and cold foods may be distributed. Food requiring heat for cooking or warming may not be distributed. Groups distributing food that is not prepackaged must wear gloves and place food on plates or in boxes. Food distribution, whether for free, donation or charge, must be fund raising for a charitable cause or other not-for-profit purposes. Groups are responsible for any fees associated with housekeeping. The Office of Residential Life or Washington University Dining Services reserves the right to halt food distribution.

Reservation Time Restrictions:

Due to a high volume of space requests, groups wishing to reserve a room or rooms on a weekly basis for an entire semester will be limited to a maximum of 4 hours per week. Exception to this policy will only be made if deemed necessary by the Office of Residential Life.
Non-Washington University Individuals in Attendance:

All non-Washington University individuals who attend an event must wear a nametag also indicating the WU group that invited them on campus.
Events with non-WU individuals in attendance may not reserve a space if there is direct access to a residential building. Exceptions must be approved by the Office of Residential Life.

Additional Information:

Residential Life does not provide furniture or equipment other than what is currently provided in that space. Additional furniture or equipment must be obtained from an outside rental company. A representative of the student group must be available for delivery and pick-up of those goods. The group must seek approval through the Office of Residential Life before moving furniture or equipment provided in a space. If approval is granted, furniture and equipment must be replaced to its original position after the event.

If an event begins before 8:30 a.m. or has been approved by the Office of Residential Life to continue for more than one day, special arrangement can be made with the Residential Life Office for use of a key. Services such as catering, pre-cleaning, set-up and take-down must be requested at least two weeks in advance and are the responsibility of the individual or group.

Outside caterers can be used in all Residential Life managed reservable spaces with the exception of Ursa’s Café and South 40 House spaces located near Bear’s Den. When reserving these spaces, Bon Appetit must be used for food service.

With the exception of Mudd Multipurpose room and Lopata Multipurpose room, all other multipurpose rooms will no longer be reservable spaces. These spaces are to be used for art or architecture related projects by those students residing in the building.
South 40 non-Premier spaces: 935-5037

Village non-Premier spaces: 935-8828

Bon Appetit Catering: 935-5054

South 40 Housekeeping: 935-5076

Outside Electrical needs: 935-8683

Outside extra large trash cans: 935-4533