a4-dory-posterAs a part of the selection process for the RA position each candidate is interviewed individually by an RCD and two current RAs. Both the LEAD sessions and the interview are important ways for us to get to know you as an individual and to evaluate your potential as an RA.

The individual interviews will take place after the LEAD sessions have concluded. You will sign up for an interview time at one of the LEAD sessions and you will be interviewing with a different RCD than the one running your LEAD sessions.

The Career Center offers some excellent advice and workshops on how to make the most of your interview:

Interviewing is the most critical part of your search process. No matter what you end up doing or where you go, you will participate in an interview at some point in your life. Internships, medical school, co-ops and full-time jobs all use interviews as a way to get to know you and better understand how your skills, and experiences bring value to their organization.

Pre-Interview Preparation

Employers consider knowledge of the organization a critical factor when they evaluate applicants. This element is completely in your control: research the organization’s website and study the position description so you can give confident and customized examples of your qualifications.

Clear and fluid communication skills are also important. Think beforehand about how to frame your comments and examples. Focus on what you can bring to the organization and the position.

Building Your Interviewing Skills

The Career Center has a variety of resources to help you develop your communication skills and prepare for your interview. For some quick information on how to prepare for an interview, download the Interviewing Skills Handout (.pdf). The Career Center also provides interactive workshops and opportunities to practice your interview skills. Visit the Events Calendar for upcoming events.