Premiere Space Reservations Policies

Premiere Space Reservation Policies

College Hall Policies and Procedures

College Hall - Center


To schedule an event in College Hall, please visit Reserve-a-Space to submit a request. You will then be contacted directly to confirm the details of your event

Costs associated with the reservation of College Hall:

  • Groups not affiliated with Washington University may reserve the space with a daily rate of $1,000/day.
  • Washington University-affiliated groups will be charged a rate of $25/hour for events lasting five or fewer hours.  Events lasting more than five hours will be charged a daily rate of $150/day.
  • There is no charge for use of College Hall for groups affiliated with Residential Life, the Congress of the South 40, and the North Side Association.
  • All events are subject to set-up and clean-up fees, dependant upon the nature of the event.
    • Set up charges will apply for groups using any room configuration other than the standard set. The charge for set up is $20/hour
    • Clean up charges will apply to any group serving food in the space at a rate of $20/hour.

Furnishings and Room Set-Up in College Hall:

  • Furniture within College Hall may not be moved.
  • College Hall standard configuration includes both round and rectangular tables. Total available seating in this configuration is 224. The College Hall standard set-up also includes 1 podium, 1 microphone, a projector, and a projection screen. To request a copy of this room configuration, please email:….
  • There are several alternative room configurations that a group may request when reserving the space.  Groups must select from one of the pre-determined room setups from the diagrams provided.
  • The Office of Residential Life will work with guests to determine what rental furnishings and equipment is necessary for an event. The guest is responsible for all costs associated with furniture and equipment rental.
  • If additional furniture is deemed necessary for an event, the reserving group must first gain approval from the Office of Residential Life. Groups may not bring in additional furniture to College Hall without prior permission.
  • All decorations must be approved by the Office of Residential Life at least two weeks prior to an event.

Service Providers:

All food at events in College Hall must be provided by Washington University Dining Services. Outside food will be permitted at the discretion of Dining Services and the Office of Residential Life.

Food Distribution Restrictions in the South 40 Center:

In order to comply with St. Louis County Health Department and St. Louis County Fire Department codes, the following policy was developed:

  • All food served in the South 40 Center or at vendor tables must be pre-packaged and commercially prepared and packaged or be provided by a contracted caterer.
  • No full meals may be provided by groups to the general campus population.
  • Only shelf-stable and cold foods may be distributed. Unless contracted through a catering company, food requiring heat for cooking or warming may not be distributed.
  • The Office of Residential Life and Washington University Dining Services reserve the right to halt food distribution if these guidelines are not being followed.

Seating Configurations:

Adobe Chapel Style Seating (320)
Adobe College Hall Seating (320)
Adobe College Hall Seating (288)
Adobe College Hall Standard (224)
Adobe College Hall (292)


Event Management




South 40 Fitness Center Dance Studio


  1. Only Washington University Student Union sanctioned groups, Residential Life student groups and staff/faculty members sponsoring an activity/program that directly relates to their role at this University are permitted to reserve the Dance Studio.
  2. Reservations are limited to two hours per day two times per week, or for four hours one time per week. (Sun-Sat).
  3. All participants and instructors must be WU students, faculty or staff. Each person must able to show the Fitness Center staff a WU ID if asked.  Groups with members or instructors outside the WU community are not allowed to use the room. Reservations will be immediately terminated if the group is found to have participants from outside the WU community.
  4. It is the responsibility of a group representative to sign in and out with the staff inside the fitness center prior to each practice, presenting an ID in exchange for a door access card.  Failure to do so will be considered a “no show” even if the group is present.
  5. Water in a closed plastic container is the only thing permitted. Food, snacks, candy, drinks, etc. are absolutely prohibited in any of the Fitness Center areas.
  6. The only acceptable footwear allowed in the room – athletic shoes, suede or soft leather soled shoes. Not Permitted: Medium weight heeled shoes (i.e., clogging, square dance, jazz dance, etc.) and hard-soled shoes (i.e., tap, ballroom, etc.), street shoes and any shoe judged by the fitness center staff to have the potential to damage or mark the wood.
  7. Groups that use martial art equipment are not permitted to use the room.
  8. Groups whose activity has the potential to involve contact are not allowed.
  9. Use of unlocked equipment around the perimeter of the room is done so at the groups’ own risk. Any of the unlocked equipment that is used must be put back in the original space.
  10. The Fitness Center stereo is not for use other than on a rental basis. Arrangements to use the Fitness Center equipment must be made in advance. A rental fee of $100.00 per session will have to be paid in advance. An iPod boom box is available for group use and may be checked out from the fitness center staff at check-in.