Substance Free Housing

What is Substance-Free Housing?

The Office of Residential Life is pleased to offer students the option to reside in substance free (“sub-free”) housing. Experience has shown these are lively, active communities where residents demonstrate a high level of respect for themselves and one another. This healthy living option is for first-year students that are willing to make a commitment to maintain a living environment free from tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. Students living in substance-free communities do not have to agree to entirely abstain from the use of alcohol or tobacco, but they are not permitted to possess or use alcohol, tobacco, smokeless tobacco or other illegal substances within their designated sub-free space. Students in substance-free housing further agree that, should they consume alcohol while away from their residence, they will not return to their room while under the influence of alcohol or other substances. To honor the rights of those who have selected this residence hall environment, these expectations also apply to guests visiting these areas.

There are many reasons that an individual may choose a substance-free room in a residence hall. These reasons may include personal lifestyle preferences (prefer quieter or cleaner living arrangements), religious beliefs, parental influence, or issues related to recovery from a personal or family substance abuse problem. Regardless of the resident’s reason, substance-free is a choice that Residential Life supports and encourages as a way to help students living in the residence halls succeed academically and socially, outside of the alcohol culture too often prevalent on college campuses.

Upon arrival in August, all students assigned to substance-free living communities must sign a contract agreeing to follow these terms.

Please note: While the majority of the residents assigned to sub-free housing specifically requested this area, there are a few individuals who received a placement as a result of space availability.