Lofted Furniture Policy

The general purpose of this policy is to put into effect proper procedures pertaining to the building of personal lofts by residents who are living in housing provided by and under the control of Residential Life. The creation of this policy will help to insure a standard that will meet building and fire codes as well as create set standard that will be enforced equally on all residents.

  1. The prospective resident will submit in writing or email a request to the Facilities and Services Coordinator in Residential Life to consider their desire to construct a loft in their bedroom.
  2. The Facilities and Services Coordinator will then review the request for the loft and either accept or deny the request.
  3. The request can denied because of room size, location, safety or fire code issues as determined by the Facilities and Services Coordinator.
  4. If the request is approved then the resident will have to get the consent of the roommate or roommates that will be affected by the loft.
  5. Upon receiving consent from the roommates the resident who wishes to build and construct the loft will submit detailed drawings of the loft and materials to be used. Additionally the drawings will show measurements and other items to make the bed code compliant. The drawings will be submitted to the Facilities and Services Coordinator or the Associate Director of Building services both of which are located in the office of Residential Life office for review and code compliance.
  6. Upon approval of the Facilities and Service Coordinator or the Associate Director of Building Services the resident may at this time construct the loft.
  7. All pre-construction of the said loft will be done off campus. The only tools allowed to be used for the construction of the loft on campus will be non powered hand tools only. No power tools will be used by any student on campus for the construction of the loft.

It should be noted that all lofts will have to meet the minimum requirements below before your plans
will be placed for review.

  • No loft can be made more than 5 feet off the floor. Measurements will be from the floor to the bottom of the loft frame.
  • The inner part of the loft frame has to be able to accommodate a twin mattress with the maximum measurements of the mattress 36” wide x 80” long.
  • The loft will only be designed to accommodate one twin mattress.
  • The loft will be supported by a minimum of 1 4×4 on each corner with (2) 2×6’s between the 4×4’s on the ends and in the back of the loft. The 2×6’s will be placed in such a manner to create an ‘X’ between the 4×4’s
  • The bedrail on the perimeter of the loft will be constructed of a minimum of 2×8 (common pine #2).
  • The bed slates which will support and hold the mattress will be a minimum of (3) 2×4’s on end with a layer of ½ inch plywood between the bed slats and the mattress
  • All 4×4’s, 2×8’s, and 2×4’s will be a minimum of common pine #2 grade.
  • If nails are used the BOCA CODE nailing schedule will be followed.
  • If screws are used only 3-4 inch wood screws or lag bolts will be permitted.

Upon completion of the loft it will be inspected for compliance with the above stated minimum requirements
and compliance with all fire codes.