Incoming Student Housing

Welcome to the Washington University Residence Halls! One of the most important aspects of your first year at Washington University is the community you will join.

The variety of living environments in our residential colleges will make it easy for you to live comfortably, study hard, and build friendships that will last throughout your college career and your lifetime.

As a member of the residential college community, you’ll get to know others closely and become involved in numerous activities and organizations. You will be encouraged and supported in your intellectual development and your relationships with others – students, faculty and staff.

The South 40 is home to about 3200 undergraduate students. Nicknamed “the 40” because it is forty acres located directly southwest of the Danforth Campus, this space is home to twenty-four residence halls, recreational space, computer clusters, campus eateries, and much, much more. “The 40” is a place to study, sleep, eat, relax, and make new friendships.