Only students currently living in Residential Life managed housing are eligible to participate in the Housing Selection Process. Current commuters, incoming transfer students and students living in non-Residential Life managed housing are not eligible for a lottery number and are not permitted to participate.

Fraternity members must meet eligibility requirements before being approved to participate in the Housing Selection Process. This includes new members. Student Involvement and Leadership will be responsible for determining whether Fraternity members are eligible to participate in the Residential Life Housing Selection Process. Visit the Greek Life website for more information.

Students who are currently abroad are eligible to participate in the 2017-2018 Housing Selection process as long as they lived with Residential Life prior to going abroad.  Students are able to complete the Room and Board Application through their WebSTAC account starting on January 20, 2017. Once you are in your account, click on Room & Board Application under the Campus Housing menu item. Once you complete the application it will become part of your WebSTAC account and will be viewable by you. The application period opens on January 20, 2017 and closes on March 24, 2017.

Students who are not able to enter their applications through their WebsSTAC accounts should contact our office.

General Lottery Numbers & Registration

Current Seniors ~ 1-644
Current Juniors ~ 645-1797
Current Sophomores ~ 1798-3450
Current Freshmen ~ 3451-5318

Students will receive a General Lottery Number to be used in Rounds 1 and 2. This is a random number based on how long a student has lived in Residential Life housing. This number will be posted to WebSTAC housing accounts on January 20, 2017. It is the student’s responsibility to register for housing selection and check their lottery number.

When you check your General Lottery Number, it is important that you REGISTER. This registration enables you to begin the Housing Selection Process (it allows you to view housing options, find roommates, and submit a Petition).

Lottery numbers for each student on a petition will be averaged and the priority for assignments is based on this average.

Gender Inclusive Housing

The Office of Residential Life aims to treat students as adults and encourages them to make well-thought-out decisions. We offer students a housing option where assignments are not based on gender. Gender Inclusive assignments are available in all rounds of the Housing Selection Process.

If your group receives a Gender Inclusive assignment, the suite/apartment must be filled for the entire academic year. Groups with members who intend to participate in the Spring Study Abroad Program must be prepared to replace members after the fall semester. If there is an unexpected cancellation, you will be offered the opportunity to secure a replacement, but Residential Life reserves the right to assign another applicant to the space or to reassign the remaining residents to same-gender accommodations.

Each member of the petition will be prompted on the Housing Petition to accept a Gender Inclusive Housing assignment.

The Rounds

Pre-Housing Assignments

Special Housing Accommodations – Online (using WebSTAC) Petitions due January 22, 2017

In limited circumstances, the University approves students for special housing accommodations based on medical need and/or disability status. If you have special needs that make it necessary to have a specific type of housing, please be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Indicate your need for a housing accommodation on Step 1 of your Room and Board Application available on WebSTAC.
  2. Complete the Online Housing Petition available on WebSTAC during the Pre-Housing Assignment period.  This must be completed between January 20th and January 22nd.  Returning Students, please note:  A maximum of four (4) roommates (including yourself) may be included in a Special Housing Accommodation Petition.
  3. Complete the Request for Special Housing Accommodations by submitting the form on the Disability Resources Website at by January 22
  4. Upload documentation supporting your need for special housing accommodations to the request form on the Disability Resources Website, found at by January 22

Please note that residential housing is not a distraction-reduced environment. Accordingly, students are not granted housing accommodations for learning or attention disabilities. Students who need distraction-reduced study environments should speak with the staff at Disability Resources, who will assist students in identifying quiet study places.

The University follows the guidelines of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology in granting housing accommodations for environmental allergens. Consistent with those guidelines, students with housing accommodations due to environmental allergens will be permitted to purchase and bring allergen-proof fabric covers for bedding, a dehumidifier and/or HEPA filter air purifier.

Dining Services is generally able to meet the needs of students who require specialized meal plans due to disability or medical needs, and students with these needs are encouraged to contact Dining Services. Residential Life does not grant dining accommodations. Such requests are handled through the Office of Disability Resources. If you are requesting a housing accommodation due to a disability that impacts your dietary needs, please include in your request a description of whether and how you have worked with the University’s chefs and the Director of University Nutrition to address your needs through Dining Services.

Off-Campus Apartment Homesteading

Online (using WebSTAC) Petitions due January 22, 2017

The Off-Campus Apartment Homesteading process is for current residents in The Lofts, Greenway Place, Rosedale Court, University Drive, 520 Kingsland, 6665 Washington, and 6678 Washington.

Homesteading is available for a particular apartment if at least one current resident wishes to return to the apartment the following year and then finds other eligible students to fill the apartment. Each apartment in this process must be completely filled.

Round 1

Village BLOCs

Online (using WebSTAC) Applications due February 17, 2017

The Village BLOCs are designed to provide ways for groups of students to explore their interests. BLOCs are comprised of 4 – 24 members; live in single rooms in 4-person suites in Lopata or Village Houses; share one of the floor common rooms; have a vision statement; develop purposeful programming; identify a student BLOC Agent; and identify a Faculty/Staff Mentor.

Online applications are due February 17, 2017. BLOC interviews with staff and faculty will occur February 18-21, and notification of acceptance will occur on February 22. Please note the BLOC application process is competitive and an application does not result in automatic housing. All members of BLOCs that are declined a housing offer are allowed to participate in any subsequent housing round.

More information about the BLOC Program is online at

Residential College

Online (using WebSTAC) Petitions due February 17, 2017

Residents wishing to live with students from their current Residential College will have the opportunity to participate in the Residential College Process by submitting an Online Residential College Petition by February 17, 2017.

Students will be assigned a random Residential College Lottery Number (separate from General Lottery Number) based on their Residential College eligibility. The Residential College Lottery Number will be posted on January 20, 2017 (at the same time the General Lottery numbers are posted). Lottery numbers for each student on a petition will be averaged and the priority for assignments is based on this average.  Once the Residential College Petitions are submitted, each Residential College will have a pick order which will be publicly posted by the Residential College Director on February 24.

The following residential college rounds are scheduled to take place on Monday, February 27 (for time and location, see your Residential College Director):

  • Wayman Crow Round (Dardick & Nemerov residents to Nemerov)
  • Brookings Round (Lien & Gregg residents to Gregg)
  • William Greenleaf Eliot Round (Danforth, Shepley, & Wheeler residents to Shepley or Wheeler)
  • Liggett/Koenig Round (Liggett & Koenig residents to Liggett)
  • Thomas Eliot Round (Thomas Eliot and Thomas Eliot B residents to Thomas Eliot B)
  • Umrath, South 40 House Round (Umrath & South 40 House residents to South 40 House)
  • Hitzeman/Hurd/Myers Round (Hitzeman, Hurd and Myers residents to Hitzeman, Myers, Shepley or Wheeler)
  • Lee/Beaumont Round (Lee & Beaumont residents to Shanedling, Rutledge, Shepley or Wheeler)
  • Shanedling/Dauten/Rutledge Round (Shanedling, Dauten and Rutledge residents to Shanedling, Rutledge, Shepley or Wheeler)
  • Park/Mudd Round (Park & Mudd residents to Mudd)

In this round, up to 60% of rooms in the Residential College will be available for assignment to groups of students who all currently reside in that college.

Note: Student staff members are assigned to rooms prior to the beginning of this round. Student staff suites that are comprised solely of students who currently reside in that Residential College will be counted in the 60% referenced above. Suites of students who are not all currently from that Residential College will not be counted in the 60%.

Apartment Group Housing

Online (using WebSTAC) Petitions due February 17, 2017

Students may submit a petition on WebSTAC in groups of anywhere from 4-12 students to request to live in close proximity to one another in an off-campus apartment area. Petitions may be created from February 15 through February 17, 2017.  Petitions must be submitted on February 17, 2017 in order to be considered.  Petitions will be assigned in lottery order. (Note that the General Lottery number for each student on the petition will be averaged together, and the lowest numeric averages receive the highest priority.)

This option will be available in the following off-campus locations: Rosedale Court and The Lofts. Up to 40% of each of these areas will be filled through this process.

Round 2

Apartments (On-Campus and Off-Campus)

Online (using WebSTAC) Petitions due March 6, 2017

Millbrook, Village East, Rosedale Court, Greenway Place, University Drive, The Lofts, 520 Kingsland, 6665 Washington, and 6678 Washington spaces will be available during this round. Visit the Options tab on the Housing Selection menu for building information, floor plans and photos.


  • Register, Create, and Confirm Petition: March 3 through March 6, 2017
  • Submit Confirmed Petitions Online: March 6, 2017
  • Assignment Notification: March 12, 2017
  • Round 2 Bedroom Assignments and Room and Board Applications are Due: March 21, 2017

Note: In Round 2 (Apartments Round), the priority will be based on housing seniority (this is reflected by the lowest lottery numeric value).

Suites (South 40 and Village)

Online (using WebSTAC) Petitions due March 6, 2017

All available spaces in upper-class buildings on the South 40 and Village & Lopata Houses will be available during this round. Visit the Housing Options tab at for buildings, floor plans and photos.


  • Register, Create, and Confirm Petition: March 3 through March 6, 2017
  • Submit Confirmed Petitions: March 6, 2017
  • Assignment Notification: March 12, 2017
  • Round 2 Bedroom Assignments and Room and Board Applications are Due: March 21, 2017

Note: In Round 2 (Suites Round), the priority will be based on the highest lottery numeric value.

Administrative Assignments

Some students will not be assigned at the end of Round 2. These students will be assigned administratively. Every effort will be made to keep groups of students together. This rolling assignment process will begin on March 24, 2017.