Petitions must be submitted under the “Campus Housing Room Selection” link via WebSTAC.

Below find step-by-step instructions on the petition process and information regarding how to use the petition rank estimator tool. If you need further help, please visit the Application Instructions tab to the right of this page.

During the Online Petition Process, a student can either be a Petition Contact or a Roommate. Please note the difference in roles in the below instructions.

Each student can only be a Petition Contact or an Accepted Roommate on one Petition.

Petition Contact

  1. Register for the Housing Selection Process and look at your Lottery Number on WebSTAC under “Campus Housing Room Selection” (starting Jan. 20). Each student must register and agree to allow their WUSTL email address to be searchable. This is necessary if your name is to appear on a petition.
  2. Discuss with your potential roommates who will serve as Petition Contact. The Petition Contact is responsible for inviting all roommates, selecting the housing assignment, submitting the petition on time, accepting the housing assignment, and selecting bedrooms.
  3. Petition Contact will:
    a. Click on “Create Petition” to create a new petition.
    b. Create the petition by a four-step process:

    • Indicate and Rank Petition Preference (size and location of housing)
    • Invite roommates (via WUSTL email addresses)
    • Enter optional comments
    • Review & create petition
  4. After Petition Contact “Creates Petition”
    a. Petition has a status of “Proposed”
    b. An email is sent to all roommates listed
    c. Petition Contact can return to WebSTAC any time before submission date to:

    • Edit housing preferences
    • Change (add or remove) roommates
    • Add phone number and create comments
    • View the accept/decline status of roommates
    • Cancel Petition


  1. Roommates on Petition will:
    • Receive an email informing them they are on a petition. They should log into WebSTAC to view
    • the type of housing and all roommates in the petition
    • Add best contact number
    • Accept or Decline “Proposed Petition” via WebSTAC (students can change their Accept/Decline status at any time before “Petition Submission”)

PLEASE NOTE: A student may only accept one petition invitation.

  1. After all Roommates on Petition “Accept” Proposed Petition:
    • Petition Status changes to “Confirmed”
    • Edit housing preferences
    • See how that petition ranks amongst other comparable petitions. (Note: Please understand that the ranking you see for your petition group should be considered as an estimate only.)
    • Change (add or remove) roommates
    • Create comments
    • Cancel Petition
  1. Petition Contact must “Submit” Confirmed Petition on the specified Submission Date on WebSTAC. Once submitted, no more changes may be made. Submission due dates are:
    • Special Housing Accommodations: January 22
    • Apartment Homesteading: January 22
    • Round 1 – Village BLOC Application: February 17
    • Round 1 – Residential College Round: February 17
    • Round 1 – Apartment Group Housing: February 17
    • Round 2 – Apartments (On-Campus and Off-Campus): March 6
    • Round 2 – Suites (South 40 and Village): March 6
  2. After submission, Petition Status will be listed as “Submitted” and then will switch to “Processing” when the petition is being processed.
  3. On the notification date (February 22 for Round 1; March 12 for Round 2), Petition Contacts & Roommates must log onto WebSTAC to view their Petition. The status will be listed as:
    • Offered
    • Not Assigned (Residential Life will contact you with updates on housing)
    • Syscancelled (Petition was not submitted/not submitted correctly)
  4. Petition Contact must “Accept” Housing Assignment for self and all roommates if “Offered” a space. When accepting, Petition Contact will place self and roommates in desired bedrooms in the unit. Deadlines for acceptance are:
    • Round 1: Accept or Decline this offer by February 24
    • Round 2: Select bedroom assignments by March 21
  1. After “Acceptance” Petition Contact & Roommates can view Room Assignments on WebSTAC.
  2. For the Residential College Round, room selection will occur in person on February 27. WebSTAC will reflect selections made within three weeks of this date.
  3. For The Village BLOCs, the application follows the general steps above, but also includes application questions. The Petition Contact must be the BLOC Agent. One additional BLOC Agent can be added during the application process. Suites will be assigned administratively to all approved BLOCs. If BLOCs want to request certain spaces, they may do so on the application, under “comments.” Once suite assignments are made, Petition Contact must log onto WebSTAC to view the suite assignments. The Petition Contact will then assign bedrooms for each BLOC member, based on the assigned suites.

Petition Rank Estimator

The Petition Rank Estimator is a tool to estimate where a petition would hypothetically rank without having to formally create a petition. To use the tool follow these steps:

1.) Select the Petition Round that you wish to participate in. There are several petitions that are open during any one round. Please note: This tool will not work with the BLOC, Homesteading, Special Housing Accommodation and Student Staff petitions, since lottery numbers are not used in these processes.

2.) The Petition Size is related to the number of people on your petition. If you decide to add or drop a person from your petition you will need to adjust this field as well as the Lottery Average field.

3.) In order to utilize this tool you will have to manually compute the Lottery Average of your potential petition. Add the individual lottery numbers together and divide by the number of people on the proposed petition. The average may contain up to 2 decimal points. Remember: For the Residential College Process your calculations need to be based on your Residential College numbers not your General Lottery numbers

4.) Click on the Estimate Button to produce the placement of your average within those petitions which have actually been created. This ranking is an indicator of where your petition would rank at that specific moment in time but it does not create a petition.

Please note: The Petition Rank Estimator is only available during the time period in the Round when petitions may be created.