First-Year Students

Instructions for Online Application and Payment (Incoming First-Years & Transfers)

This process provides each individual student with important information about the first-year housing application process, including:

  • Terms and Conditions of Occupancy
  • Application for Housing
  • Housing Rates
  • Meal Plans

Access the housing application by logging into the Wash U Housing Portal via your WebSTAC account by clicking on the HOUSING TAB. You will be directed to the “Welcome” page. When logged into the Housing Portal click on Applications at the top of the page to start the application. Choose First-Year/Transfer Student Application then click the “SAVE & CONTINUE” button. You will be brought to a Term Selector page where you will indicate when you will need housing. As a new student, you will likely only see one option. Click “APPLY”.

Residential Life Housing Application

The housing application consists of multiple pages where we will gather important information from you:

  1. Welcome (Overview of what you will be filling out)
  2. Housing Agreement (Review and agree to Residential Life’s Housing Agreement)
  3. Cancellation Information (Reiteration of the Terms and Conditions of Occupancy surrounding cancelling housing)
  4. Student Information (Demographic, student contact, and medical information)
  5. Contact Information (Emergency and missing student information)
  6. Meal Pan (Selecting a meal plan and Bear Bucks options)
  7. Room Preferences (Ranking your room preferences and reviewing rates)
  8. Lifestyle Preferences (Indicating living habits/preferences)
  9. Roommate Request (Creating a roommate group of requested roommates)
  10. Application Summary (Reviewing important aspects of the application)
  11. Application Confirmation (Verifying the successful submission of your housing application)