Faculty Involvement

Faculty Involvement


The Faculty Associate Program is intended to accomplish several goals:

  • Provide undergraduate residents with role models or mentors and more contact with faculty members
  • Encourage residents’ use of faculty as resources for information, referral, or informal advising
  • Increase student and faculty understanding of faculty and student life at Washington University in St. Louis
  • Meet the needs of faculty who want more informal contact with undergraduate students

Faculty Associates and Faculty Fellows Program

The Faculty Associates Program, which includes both Faculty Fellows and Faculty Associates, sponsored by the Office of Residential Life, emerged in response to the realization that there was a growing gap between faculty members and undergraduate students on college campuses.  It is designed to provide opportunities for significant faculty-student interaction outside of the classroom setting.

Working as a team, Faculty Associates/Fellows, Residential College Directors/Residential Community Directors and their Resident Advisors can plan activities with floor residents designed to create a sense of community on that floor. These activities offer an opportunity for the residents to develop a significant relationship with a member of the faculty, thus making the faculty member an active member of the community. The program helps to integrate faculty into the life of the community by allowing them to share particular interests, both academic and extracurricular, with the residents.

Faculty Associates

Faculty Associates are faculty members who agree to work with Resident Advisors and a community of residential students within our residential colleges and our residential communities throughout the academic year.

Who are the Faculty Associates 

Faculty Fellows

Faculty Fellows are faculty members, and often their families, who agree to live on-campus within a specific residential college. These faculty members work closely with the Residential College Director and the Resident Advisors to provide programming and a faculty connection for residents within the residential college.

Who are the Faculty Fellows 

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Faculty Associates Program Handbook