South 40- map

HIG (Hitzeman Hall, Hurd Hall and Myers Hall)
JKL (Shanedling Hall, Dauten Hall and Rutledge Hall)
Lee/Beaumont (Lee Hall and Beaumont Hall)
Liggett/Koenig (Liggett House and Koenig House)
Park/Mudd (Park House and Mudd House)
Robert S. Brookings (Lien House and Gregg House)
Ruby/Umrath/South40 (Rubelmann Hall, Umrath House and South 40 House)
Thomas Eliot (Eliot A House and Eliot B House)
Wayman Crow (Dardick House and Nemerov House)
William Greenleaf Eliot (WGE) (Danforth House, Shepley House and Wheeler House)