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Welcome Ruby/Umrath/South 40 residents!

RUSoFo SpiritCongratulations on being assigned to the Rubelmann, Umrath, and South 40 Houses. Rubelmann, which currently houses 140 first-year students and six RAs on three floors, opened in 1958. Umrath and South 40 Houses are the two newest buildings on the South 40 and opened in August, 2009. Umrath houses 99 first-year students and three RAs. The South 40 House is home to 225 upperclassmen and six RAs.

We hope you will take some time to peruse this website and learn more about your new home at Washington University. Be sure to learn more about the RUSoFo staff, check out the RUSoFo facilities link to see floor plans of the building you will be living in, join the RUSoFo Facebook group, and explore the gallery for pictures of our fun and exciting events from last year.