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Welcome to Park/Mudd Residential College

We have a wonderful staff of 12 resident advisors, 1 faculty fellow, 4 faculty associates as well as a residential college director and graduate fellow.  We aaaarrrgggghhhh so excited that you are a part of our community and we ask that you take some time to find out more about the “Treasure of the South 40”.

Our Identity

Mascot: The Pirate was developed by resident Diana Chu for the ResCollege scarf in Spring 2009. PMCrest C TThe Pirate mascot took hold during the Fall 2008 GoCrossCampus victory, when residents covered the GXC in black and "hoisted the black flag" over the competition.

Park/Mudd Logo: Developed in Fall 2007, our logo shows off the four humps of Park/Mudd.

Motto: Living. Learning. Leading. Together. This motto is pretty direct; we hope that members of the community treat each other with respect while living together, have a good attitude about learning both in and out of the classroom, and take the initiative to get involved and become leaders in their own way. Most important, we hope all residents do all of this together.

Colors: Our Rescollege colors are black and red.