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Welcome to Thomas Eliot, home of the Gators!

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Dear Gators, 

Welcome to (or back to) your home in Eliot! We are so excited to have you with us this year. For the 2014-2015 year, Thomas Eliot House (“Eliot A”) is home to 160 freshman students, 7 Resident Advisors, and the Faculty Fellow Family. Thomas Eliot B House (“Eliot B”) is home to 146 sophomore students, as well as 4 Resident Advisors and the Residential College Director. We hope you are excited to be part of this fantastic community of students, staff, and faculty!

Within Eliot A and B we as a staff work to build a family-like home environment for all Gators. Founded in 2010, this 2014-2015 academic year will mark the fifth anniversary of our Residential College and its history, spirit, and traditions.

To celebrate the strong community created in Eliot during its first years, and to build upon our res college’s traditions, in January 2015 Eliot will debut its own res college motto to carry into the future. This motto will be built on the things Eliot residents have said are characteristic of their WashU home: supportive, engaging, caring, inclusive, relaxing, and fun!

Complementing these qualities is our Restorative Practices approach to building community. Restorative Practices is a collaborative decision-making process involving all vested community members. These practices assist in proactively creating expectations and reactively managing conflict.

Please take some time to explore the rest of this page – all about your home in Eliot! Here you can find information about our current staff, history, spirit, and traditions, and restorative practices


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Go Gators,

The Eliot Staff